Dolphin assisted therapy

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Dolphins Helping Humans

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Dolphin Research

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Dolphins are used in animal-assisted therapy, to help with various psychological and neurological problems such as autism, depression, Down syndrome and various development problems, and has shown to be beneficial for the participants. Learn how to help and sponsor the Dolphin Research Center by making a general donation to, a memorial gift or donate as a gift for someone for someone else.

Swim with Dolphins - The Ultimate Vacation Thrill!

Peruvian Ety Napadenschi, who is eight months pregnant, is touched by a dolphin named Wayra during a therapy session for pregnant women at a hotel in Lima. Water Planet, Dolphin swim programs, camps, tours, watching and therapy in Panama City Florida.

Water Planet's Dolphin Therapy programs There are many similarities between the types of programs offered and the diagnosis of the participants in our two.

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Dolphin assisted therapy
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