Gay marriage editorial

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Section 377 and beyond

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Where Christian churches, other religions stand on gay marriage

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The Centre’s cautious stand keeps the focus only on the need to decriminalise gay sex. People on both sides of the gay marriage debate reveal the argument for the other side that keeps them up at night. Jul 15,  · When Anthony Kennedy testified before the U.S.

Senate three decades ago as Ronald Reagan's nominee for the Supreme Court, he professed great deference to the Constitution and the separation of powers. Jun 23,  · Proponents of gay marriage think their view is the latest expression of enlightened humanitarianism. That means people who believe in the sanctity of.

Same-sex marriage, the practice of marriage between two men or between two women. Although same-sex marriage has been regulated through law, religion, and custom in most countries of the world, the legal and social responses have ranged from celebration.

Gay Marriage: for Better or for Worse?: What We've Learned from the Evidence [William N. Eskridge, Darren R. Spedale] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Opponents of same-sex marriage in the United States claim that allowing gays and lesbians to marry would undermine the institution of marriage.

Gay marriage editorial
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Editorial: Gay marriage is all about equality under the law | Editorials | Dallas News