Self centered

Why Being Self-Centered is Good

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Self-Centered Quotes

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Popular Self Centered Characters Books

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Self-centered people often have a superiority complex that makes them believe their way of doing things is always right.

You should check yourself the next time you attempt to poke fun at someone. 2. If you see an old lady struggling with her groceries and walking, what do you do?


Self-centered synonyms and Self-centered antonyms. Top synonym for self-centered (another word for self-centered) is narcissistic. A self-centered person is excessively concerned with himself and his own needs.

He's selfish.

Common Traits Of The Self-Centered Person

You probably know some people who always talk about themselves, make every issue about themselves, and are generally all about "Me, me, me!" People like that are self-centered: as the word suggests, they. Where the world comes to study the Bible. Light on plot, heavy on self-centered characters, the play finds Amanda and Elliot (formerly married to each other) honeymooning with new spouses in the same hotel in the south of France.

15 Signs Of Self-Absorbed People

Coward, Noel.

Self centered
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Quiz: Are You More Selfless or Self-Centered?